Fully immersive virtual world

The felling of immersion is key for successful virtual meetings and presentations; you must feel that you are there and people in others countries are just near you.

Put pictures, documents, presentations, html posters in your world

No matter if you are in a meeting, a presentation or a gallery of your paintings, you need enough material to keep people interested in the topic and have enough material to catch the message

Show videos

In any presentation a video can fully immerse participants in your ideas, making your audience see the video controlled by you as if you were in a real conference room. What about a video in the entrance of your art gallery?

Create a virtual space to complement your website

Your are an artist and you have your own website? And what about your own virtual gallery just for your paintings!
You have a very good museum page and what about to have a virtual museum just for your visitors?
A webcaster page and I you could have a virtual showcast of all the videos of past presentations?

Virtual Learning Environment

Create your virtual classroom for:

  • Virtual learning environment, Internet Classroom
  • Remote education programs, online teaching.
  • Courses web page. Imagine hosting your own virtual classroom for the courses you offer.
  • Certification programs.
  • Vial education courses.
  • Physics simulations and labs
  • Electronic component simulations.
  • and more...

A Fully collaborative space

Think of all these web applications that can be accessed simultaneosly by all the participants at the same time:

  • Edit Google Drive documents, spreadsheets
  • Your web application product, show the new features to the parcicipants.

And what about full applications like:

  • Development environments like Eclipse, Netbeans
  • Full applications like LibreOffice

All accesed and shared at the same time with everyone in the virtual world.

The perfect environment for 3D Models

A 3D model website:

  • Do you have a 3D Model Store?
  • Are you a 3D artist?
  • Are you an architect?
  • Do you do prototypes? Like Cars, Planes, etc

Imagine then showing your models directly in a navigable 3D environment, when your customers can see all the faces, can look into, can zoom, and then click on them!

openwonderland space

Of course for openwonderland fans, this is your service! We offer a ready made openwonderland space so you don't have to worry about configuring servers, just login in your world and begin the fun! includes:

  • Preinstalled custom modules, like videos, firefox, subsnapshot, etc.
  • Ready made ¬†worlds ready for being edited
  • Private / public worlds and your choice.
  • All the advantages and easy to use that you are used to in openwonderland

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