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By crramirez Wed, 07/15/2015 - 08:06

Now Cyramix client can be used directly in the browser, no plugins, no application downloads. Also we improved the connectivity in the Chrome application allowing it to connect even in restricted areas and with installed Internet security suites.


Cyramix client in browser

The user just click on the browser icon:

And Open Wonderland will appear just in your browser window:


Better connectivity with the Chrome client

The previous version had the limitation that it needed a full open Internet connection (like home) to work. Also if an internet security suite was installed it interfered with the communication while is checking encrypted connections. The server availability was improved also so it is less probable you will have to wait for a server in order to enter in the virtual world.

This problems were gone away, and now if the Chrome app find one of these problems, it will fallback to the browser based client which provides a very similar experience.


There too many clients what one is best for me?

The order of preference is determined by the possibility of running the client and the time you have to enter in the virtual world. The clients should be chosen in the following order:


Native clients (Windows or Mac)

The native clients are the fastest and provides the best experience. 




  1. Voice chat support: The native clients for now are the only way to talk with your voice into the virtual world. So it is mandatory for presenters.
  2. Fast graphics and response: Since the client is running entirely in your PC you get immediate response to your commands.
  3. Low Internet requirements: The communication with the server is only needed for download content and sync states. So any medium speed Internet is enough. If you can watch youtube videos you can run the client.
  4. Support world editing: For now the native client is the only way to add new content to the world.



  1. Software requirements: Only runs in Windows XP or later and Mac OS X 10.7 and later.
  2. Hardware requirements: It needs a good graphics card.
  3. Steps before its first use: The client needs to be downloaded and installed before its first use.

Use cases

You or your users should use the native client when:

  1. Presenter / Owner: You are the world builder or the presenter in a conference.
  2. Recommended option: It should be the first option to try if you meet the requirements.
  3. Preparation: If you have enough time and permission in your PC to install the client. You can also use the other clients for the first time and later download the native client for a better experience.
  4. Recurrence: If your users will use it in a regular basis like a course it is better to take the time to install the client.

Chrome client

The Chrome client is a lightweight one which use less resources on your PC but demand more cloud ones.




  1. Only needs Chrome: Runs in any Desktop or Laptop which has Chrome browser installed even a Chromebook
  2. Faster and easier to install: It is easier and faster to install and can be installed in environments where an application cannot (Cyber cafés, Campus PCs, Work environments, etc)
  3. Low requirements: Its hardware requirements are very low, it will run in any computer which can reproduce You Tube videos.



  1. No voice chat: Doesn't support audio capture, it means you only can listen to others but cannot talk, but you can text chat.
  2. No new content: No new content can be added to the world, but existing objects can be manipulated.
  3. Slower: Due to the client is running in the cloud, lag can be perceived and in general is slowly compared with the native one.
  4. Faster Internet connection: The internet connection should be at least enough to play a 720p YouTube video.

Use cases


  1. End user: It is an end user which only will interact with a premade world.
  2. Casual user: It is a casual user, for example if you have a virtual gallery or a museum or a store. These users expect to enter fast in the virtual world.
  3. Unsupported operating system: If the user has Linux or a Chromebook this is the option it can choose.
  4. Failed with the native client: If the user doesn't meet the hardware requirements or has problems running the client, should test this option.
  5. Using a shared computer: If the user is using a shared computer or a very restricted one.


In browser client

The browser client is very close to the Chrome one. So here only the differences with the Chrome client will be explained.

Advantages over Chrome client


  1. Any browser: It works in the last version of any popular browser (Chrome 40+, Firefox 38+, IE 11, Opera 30+, Safari)
  2. Just one click away: If you are really in a rush, for example be late on the conference or showing a demo to a bunch of people. You only need to wait some seconds until you can enter in Open Wonderland.

Disadvantages under Chrome client


  1. Slower: Since it uses a video decoder in JavaScript the response and visual quality will be affected.
  2. More processing power: Although the graphics requirements are very low, it will need a good CPU to make the video decode, also will be difficult to use other applications while is running.

Use cases

  1. Really in a rush: This client should only be used when you or your users need instant access to the virtual world.
  2. Fast test drive: You or your potential user only want a fast overview of the offered service, a course for example.
  3. Last resort: Use it only when all other options failed. 
  4. No chrome browser: If the PC doesn't have Chrome installed and you can't or you don't want install one.
  5. Tight integration with your website: You can make the virtual world part of your flow in your site (like a virtual gallery), so the user feels like it is still inside the web page.



You won't have more excuses to enter in the virtual world. If you have a Desktop / Laptop with Internet connection you will be able to enter. What are you waiting for putting online your project? You are only a click away...

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